Fairmont Royal Group of Companies is one of the leading global companies and it was established in 2018. Our services include Agriculture, IT, Natural Resources, Fisheries, Education, Health, International Trade, Tourism, Real Estate Development and Climate Change.

Fairmont Royal Group of Companies operates in Pakistan and has been working in collaboration with a number of world renowned companies and experts for its products and services in London, USA, Africa and European Union. We continuously strive for expanding our customer base,
developing our capabilities and in process of opening locations in 27 Countries.

FRGEEE is part of Fairmont Royal Group of Companies in our 17 companies.

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Our Vision is to contribute for a clean, healthy and well protected environment supporting a sustainable society and economy.


Our mission is to mission is to lead the global transition to renewable energy by providing world class filtration system solutions through understanding our customers, developing new technologies, and engaging our people in a culture of continuous improvement while respecting the environment with a sustainable conflict-free supply of power energy. We are offering integrated, superior and professional services for the oil and gas industry as well.

High Commissioner – Asia / Africa – UN SDG’s – World Humanity Commission
Ambassador in Residence (Pakistan) – World Humanity Commission
Representative of World Humanity Commission to United Nations
Ambassador – A.N.G.E.L Foundation
Deputy Foreign Minister (Asia) – World Humanity Commission
Founder President - Global Learning Trust


As the CEO of Fairmont Royal Group of Companies, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to our website.

Our motive is to foster services and activities for our clients in various sectors which will encourage healthy connections among different stakeholders globally.



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